Friday, April 27, 2012


Today I checked all the boxes on the LA-girl-cliché list:

♥ I worked until 1PM
♥ had juice for lunch
♥ I got juice from a juice bar in a trendy health food store
♥ While waiting for my "lunch" I consulted the tarots and asked the Fairies about my future
♥ The Fairies told me “ change of location” (man, now that I finally have this LA thing down, they tell me to move!!!)
♥ I wore my Toms with yoga pants and
♥ worked out in the middle of the day, after which
♥ I drove all the way to the other side of town in rush-hour-traffic for a vegan dinner with my girlfriends

It has only taken 5 years but, as you can see, I am now officially an Angelina!!

And to celebrate that, let's watch this short clip that exemplifies it all:

Also, you may want to listen to this song as you read this post (well, at least this is what's playing in my head right now):


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