Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Last night I was in shock when Becks told me she was thinking about getting green ombré hair. First I said NO, no way, you can't do that. And 30 seconds later I jumped on the bandwagon and was totally for it. Yes yes yes!!! Why? Well, first of all because it would look amazing on her blonde bob. Second, I am in an aqua phase and can't act on it, since it doesn't go with my complexion (it makes me look like a walking dead, seriously). Last but not least, I live vicariously through others when it comes to hair. Why? Well, you have been reading some of my hair dilemmaS. I've been wearing my hair the same way for a few years now and I've been holding on really tight to my comfort zone. I can debate on bangs for months, consider going darker, obsess over ombré, but won't go for any it. I often think my hair is incredibly dull and that I should be more adventurous. I judge it harshly. I obsess over it. I over-analyze it. Am I boring? Am I lacking style? Am I too conservative?

Hm, wait a minute, now that I think about it there's plenty of women who are geniuses and leaders in the fashion world and sport the most classic, conservative or totally-wrong-for-them hairstyles. Just to name a few:
    Anna Wintour - has had the same bob for what seems like a lifetime. Yet again she IS Anna Wintour. Period.
    ♥ Franca Sozzani- An incredible woman, who has just today been awarded the Légion d' Honneur . Innovative and generous, but man do I wish I could take her to a salon and give her a make over!! (perdoni l'onesta', Direttrice, la stimo molto per altri motivi);
    ♥ Carine Roitfeld - amazing style, so cool and edgy, yet she always seems to suffer from a bad hair day;
    ♥ Grace Coddigton - frizzy red hair - not a style that I think suits her that well - in spite of having one of the most amazing eyes in fashion.
So what can this mean? What if instead of being boring, I am just part of a group of amazing, talented, creative, smart, sophisticated women who find other ways to express themselves that do not necessarily involve their hair... ??!!!

Already feeling better. I can now live vicariously through Becks and her aqua ombré,keep my hair just the same and live happily ever after. Glad this conundrum is over!

Baci e a presto,

P.S.:  Hmm I wonder how pink ombréwould look on me... oh no, here I go again... help!!

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