Sunday, March 4, 2012


What to do when one (me) is at home sick? Here are some ideas:

Watch the whole first season of Downton Abbey. (Develop an obsession for the show (it is, I would say, superb-British accent here please-) only to find out that there is a “very long wait” on Netflix for season 2... Argh)
Indulge in coconut popsicles. Gluten-free, dairy-free and guilt-free!
Read the same magazine a million times, even the ads (very interesting).
Stare at a picture of Angelina Jolie on the cover of an old magazine and wonder how someone can be so incredibly beautiful and wish that Photoshop had something (everything) to do with it (especially when sick and feeling more like the beast than the beauty, if you know what I mean).
Watch Beginners, fall in love with Ewan McGregor, Arthur the Jack Russel Terrier, Christopher Plummer (well deserved Oscar for this performance), rollerskating at the Biltmore Hotel, and the painful poetry and beauty of this movie. Here is my favorite frame:


I officially want a Jack Russel Terrier right now!!
Hangout in pj's, no make-up, the most unglamorous yet liberating thing I have done in a while.
Complain to no end and have my lovely hubby take care of me (he is a star!!).
Watch some more TV just because I'm bored of reading magazine ads and my head hurts too much to do anything else. And finally deciding to watch Friday Night Lights. Some friends had told me I should watch it. But what they really should have said is: "You HAVE TO watch this show, it's THAT good”. The music, the photography, the acting, the characters. Simple dialogues that say so much. I'm hooked.
Virtual window shopping. Fantasizing about my summer attire (well it is 85outside after all) and deciding what I'll wear at the beach in Italy in, let's see... 4 months or so. Gotta start planning.
UpdatePinterest and feel completely brainless as I pin and re-pin obsessively for hours.

So, these are some ideas, shall you find yourself sick in bed like me. What is on your list?

Bacie a presto,


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