Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Today, like many other days, I wished I had a camera with me. So many great outfits, so many interesting characters. All I wanted to do was to snap pictures for you.

Location: Larchmont Village
Why: Business meeting (hence the lack of camera and inability to take street style shots)
Leitmotiv: Monochromaticism

My streetstyle shots:

All white- white linen dress and sneakers
All black- black silk sleeveless blousy top-black wide leg trousers-leopard platform sandals-dark long black hair.
All lilac (my favorite)- lilac suit-lilac tie-purple shirt (man in his 60's)
(Please note All Black and All Lilac were a couple. Amazing!!)
All blue- neon blue denim, blue quartersleeve top and cream sabot (a.k.a. mules... seen them on the runways last fall, thought “really?! why are they back”, and haven't seen them on people's feet that much. Have you?).
All gray- gray v-neck t-shirt and gray skinny jeans with strappy flat sandals.

All in all, a pretty good meeting.

Reporting live from LA, yours truly CPS

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