Tuesday, June 19, 2012


This past winter I did a lot of shopping in my closet. I kind of took it as a challenge. I really wanted to see what I could find and how I could work it into my weekly routine at the office. And did I find some gems that had long been sleeping in there or had never seen the light of day.
What did I find? Anything and everything:
  • button-downs
  • cardigans
  • soft wool sweaters
  • silk tops
  • neglected denim
It lasted for a little while, and everytime I scored a new piece I'd feel energized. At work people would ask if I had gone shopping. Is that new, I've never seen you wear that. It'd make me so happy.

But here I am now, it's summer time, and my summer closet has never been my strongest. I don't think shopping in my closet can really be an option... unless I take out ALL the dresses that have been retired with the tag still on... mainly because they are ALL black and, as much as I love the color, it just doesn't go with my pale pale legs...

so here is the dilemma:
  • keep the dresses for mid-season, when I can wear them with stockings;
  • get a spray-tan (really considering this... I guess LA is really getting to me)
  • take out my wallet and refresh my closet with some healthy shopping...
Hmmm, what would you do?!!

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