Sunday, July 29, 2012


Today I was so out of synch. I lost track of time, got lost even with an iPhone, and was late for everything. Completely out of balance. I wonder if I just got out of bed on the wrong side, or if it was all because of the... sample sale.

I left the house in the morning to get coffee. I returned almost 2 hours later with a pair of pants, a jacket and a dress... Yes, and coffee... What happened???

Well, on my way home, I saw a sign: "sample sale”. I thought: I have plenty of time to get ready before going out, why not enjoy the morning, I'll just take a peek and see what brands they are selling.

And there I was, sucked into a timeless vortex, scouring racks, precariously holding coffee, wallet, phone in one hand, and hangers full of clothes in the other. I was nothing short of the Shopaholic book series main character. And before I knew it, here I was, bam, credit card comes out, thud, final sale red stamp on receipt, and I was out the door.

High, ecstatic, I just couldn't believe I got all that stuff for so little, I glided back to my car thinking:  I can't wait to wear this and that, and uh, really need those sandals now to complete the outfit, can't wait for fall so I can wear the dress with black stockings, oh wow, I could even try an Alexa Chung look... blah blah blah...

Until I realized I was incredibly behind schedule, rushed home, opened the white bag with the red final sale stamp and... the guilt kicked in... maybe the whole morning had been a case of pure and simple... compulsion...

Crashing from the sample sale high was not easy, and I felt out of balance all day. 

Lesson learned: I will never ever... go out for coffee in the morning again!!!!

Baci e a presto,

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