Tuesday, July 24, 2012


There are a few favorite fashion memories that are close to my heart and still make me smile:
♥ A pair of dreamy pink ballet flats I got when I was in preschool. Just like my big sister. There is a picture of us that says it all: she is looking straight at the camera... I'm staring at my shoes, completely in love.
♥ Buying a little wool coat in a sweet pastel color when I was 6. A dream come true, pure happiness.

♥ My high school ensemble of pink Valentino skinny jeans and bordeaux sweater, with flats. My bestfriend hated me during our freshmen year. Why? She thought I was a stuck up rich little brat. She couldn’t have been more wrong. 
♥ My grunge phase: suede desertboots, chunky sweaters and my beloved Levis501-cinquecentouno!!!
♥ My first pair of black skinny trousers, pantaloni a sigaretta. Watching the Valentino show,and realizing that grunge was out and we were on to a whole new phase in fashion. I remember my brother telling me I couldn't get away with my blue jeans anymore. The bar had been raised pretty high. Intimidating or what?? 
♥ My first cargo pants and the feeling of accomplishment when I bought them. Not cheap, but an integral part of the Gwen Stefani inspired outfit I wore for an entire summer, clubbing and partying hard: military cargo pants; bare mid-riff tops and wife-beaters, Adidas Gazelle (the beginning of a life-long love affair with sneakers), and dark dark dark red lipstick. Fierce! 
♥ My black Dr. Martens. Faithful,loyal, indestructible. The only con: I completely forgot how to wear any other type of shoe. Very very bad; 
♥ A Martino Midali polka dot dress that my dad bought for me. I still have it in my closet. It doesn't fit me like it did when I was 20, but I can still squeeze in it when i feel nostalgic. And it is such a wonderful memory of my dad getting it for me as a gift. Something I will always always cherish. 

... just like these sweet sweet memories...

(What are you favorite fashion memories?)


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  1. Very sweet. I can just see that little one in the pink ballet shoes. :)