Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Are we human or are we... ombre??

I bumped into Drew Barrymore at the studio a couple of weeks ago. It's the second time I see her out and about. (Valley girl accent here please): I’m (like) so cool, the two of us (like) hang out (like) in the same places. So I know most people are used to seeing celebrities here in LA. I am still working on it. I wanted to be respectful and tried not to stare at her too much. After all she is there to exercise just like the rest of us. I was so happy she was taking the class after mine. I would have had such a hard time not staring at her holding, tucking and shaking... anyway...

What if I could just strike up a normal conversation, right? I mean she is a human being after all... I thought I would ask her how the ombré hair color is working out for her. I have considered it myself but I don’t think it would work for me. Why? It's too cool. I know I have recently figured out that my style is "casual cool" (will soon post about this) but I don’t think the ombré would work with my boring, classic work clothes or that it would come across well during stuffy work meetings. I need a look that is a little bit more polished but young. I think the ombré, which can be beautiful when executed well, is a little too rock n' roll for me.

So this is the conversation I would have had with Drew. Uh, so now what are we going to talk about next time????

P.S.: I actually unknowingly tried my own version of ombré  by growing out my roots for 6 months... the results can be seen here... not so much.
P.P.S.: What is your take on the ombré? Also, any questions for Drew you would like to submit, so I can have something to say next time I see her? : P

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