Monday, February 20, 2012

Bad TV, Bad


I don’t have a TV. Well, actually I do have a TV in my apartment, but no cable. Which is a cruel way to try and get over my addiction... Yes, I admit it, I am addicted to TV. I have always been. I remember being a child and my mom telling me that I could only watch 2 shows a day. What do you mean, only two??? Panic!!

I was also always intrigued by shows that were not age appropriate and revolved around drama, big hair and love affairs. Think Dynasty or Dallas. Of course, my mom did not allow my 8 yr-old self to watch them. In time, I developed this obsession for trash TV. It's my guilty pleasure.

So why is it that I don't watch TV? Well, sadly, it's the only way for me to accomplish anything in my life (e.g. I would not be writing this post right now, but I would probably be getting virtually lobotomized watching a Kardashian or Real Housewives marathon! (yes, it's that bad!!!!))...

… this sans-TV phase has lasted for a while or at least until -sneaky me- I got on the internet and started watching all these yummy and dummy shows on Netflix... eheheh... (evil laugh) Mad Men, Ugly Betty, Brothers and Sisters… and Felicity.

Felicity was pretty amazing. I just loved season one and the fashion in it. The huge (chunky!!!) sweaters, the dark lipstick, long skirts and the sense you get that the characters have not yet defined their style. They are not fashion-conscious or self-aware yet. You see that changing as the seasons progress and the characters grow more into their own. 

It made me think about my first year in college, and how I too had not fully developed my own style or sense of self and it reminded me of the awkwardness (and sweetness) of that phase.

P.S.: What shows are you addicted to? And what shows bring back memories of your awkward phase (come on, of course you had one)?
P.P.S.: I also just love the '90s, that must just be why I love this show so much. 

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  1. I recently watched My So Called Life which I LOVED in high school. My mom use to watch it with me and she could really relate to the mom in the show. I tried to watch it now but was only able to get through a few episodes. I guess it must mean I don't relate so much any more. Good thing!