Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Thank you, honey

Never ask your husband to be honest.

I've been talking about what to do next with my hair for weeks now. Shall I get a bob, put layers in it, try ombré, go darker, try a new hairstylist … blah blah blah. So the other night, after listening to me for the umpteenth time, my husband looks at my hair, and with an open sincere heart tells me ”Yes, you're right, you should get a new cut... your hair... looks tired”. That was it... my heart broke into a million pieces... silently...

... and for the whole week-end I felt SO self-conscious... I kept thinking “My hair looks tired, my hair looks tired, my hair looks tired”. I braided it, I pony-tailed it, I knotted it... but I could not hide to the world or to myself that my hair... looks TIRED.

Thank you, honey.

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